With Gratitude



one little drop…

Essential oils were one of the missing pieces in my health game. 

I learned a little about oils in school, but kinda overlooked one extremely important concept: the quality of the essential oils matter. 

What you’re putting on your body is just as important as what you’re putting in your body. The quality and integrity of the ingredients are essential.

And just like the food industry's market, the natural products market is the same. There are skewed labels to make you think that you’re buying the best, most "natural" product, when in reality, you're often buying stuff that’s been distilled with chemicals from plants grown with pesticides. No, thank you.

This is one of the many reasons why I am so grateful to work with Young Living. This company is the real deal. Young Living goes above and beyond to ensure a Seed to Seal guarantee which means all of their oils are organic, 100% pure and Third Party Tested. They’re also a completely transparent company (which you know I am all about). They invite you to visit all of their farms so that you can see first hand how the plants are harvested and grown. They’re also the only company of their kind who own the equipment to test the composition of the oils in the bottle to ensure that it's the exact same as the composition of the plant it came from in nature

So you and your clients are getting the best, every damn time.

I also love how Young Living didn’t stop at essential oils, they’ve created different collections of essential oil infused products to make your bod, home and your entire lifestyle toxin free & holistic AF. 

I’ve always known that essential oils possess powerful healing properties. Because of this, I’ve dabbled into a number of different oil companies. But to my total disappointment, none of them actually worked! Sure, the oils smelled great & freshened my home up, but totally fell short in the healing department- the whole reason I bought the oils in the first place! So before I jumped into Young Living, you bet I did my research. Then I tried them out, and my immediate reaction was:

“Oh my goodness, why the heck didn’t I know about these sooner, & why the heck doesn’t everyone else know about these?”

Since working with Young Living, I’ve been able solve health issues where diet wasn’t able to, up my supplement game with herbs & oil infused products (the benefits are insane,) & swap out unwanted toxic household products for products I could trust (my dogs can now lick any surface without risking brain cells dying.)

Like I said, I’m grateful to be a part of this company. 

Explore their beautiful collection of natural & powerful products here.




Young Living has made it super simple for customers to purchase their products with 2 options: Young Living Membership or Retail. 

Young Living Membership

A Young Living Membership requires the purchasing of one (or more if you wanna go cray) of the 4 kits that are designed specifically to replace your medicine cabinet, speed up your healing process or create a non-toxic home.

The Benefits: 

• Wholesale prices (24% off on ALL future products)
• Business Opportunities (Build an empire or make enough $$$ to pay for your monthly oil restock) 
• Network of other oily peeps or like minded entrepreneurs 
• Unlimited resources & FB groups full of holistic knowledge on the products & non toxic lifestyle 
• I become your personal team leader & share all my knowledge and/or business tips to maximize results and create a successful holistic biz. 

*Being a wholesale member does not mean you have to do the business! It just means you will be fully supported throughout your health journey. Great opportunity for people who need extra support & guidance when using the oils or want additional resources to do their own research. Being a member also ensures you get the best dang deals around town.

Click here to shop kits (my favourite is the Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist!)

What the kits can help with: 

• Detoxing 
• Self care 
• Stress 
• Inflammation 
• Chronic Pain 
• Sore muscles & joints 
• Immunity 
• Productivity 
• Respiratory support 
• Clear skin 
• Anxiety 
• Sleep 
• Mood 
• Purifying home 
• Digestion 

& the list goes on…


Of course, you can always purchase the individual products at full retail price as a second option. You will still be on my team, and I will still share my knowledge, but you won’t receive the additional benefits that a Young Living Member would. 

In order to confirm you’re on my team, when you press Check Out with your products, select the box that says:

“I was referred by a member and have their ID numbers” and type in the #15296115 in both the Sponsor & Enroller boxes. 

Without this number added, I won’t be able to offer you support on your oils or other natural products. 

*If further down the road you decide to become a member, we can always switch your account over. 

Click here to shop.

Having a hard time picking out oils, or signing up for the kit? Email me, and I will get back to you ASAP to offer my advice or walk you through the process!  




Interested In a Career? 

If you love the oils, want to try them and/or are interested in sharing the love with others while making $$$... 

For some, the thought of starting your own biz can be daunting AF. I get it. It can be tough, especially in the health & wellness industry. 

There's so much uncharted territory and it's tricky to navigate which direction to take.

But being a part of Young Living is a great opportunity that's made so simple. Connect with like minded souls who are in the exact same boat as you. It’s such an incredible community, with so much room for growth. Depending on your goals, you can make this business really work for you. It’s a great way to make passive income while building your empire.

Adding Young Living into your wellness business hits a home run on the holistic front.

As a health professional, you’ll offer your existing knowledge & expertise, while being able to go above & beyond with more, specialized recommendations for your client on their healing journey.

Plus, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing the quality of your client’s supplements & natural products are actually legit. When you suggest supplementing Vitamin C into their diet, you know they’re not going to Walmart & buying Vitamin C tablets. Understandably, it can be so overwhelming for some clients to go into a health food store to buy herbs & vitamins that they can’t even pronounce. This cuts that process out entirely. You become a comfortable, easy, one-stop-shop.

You’ll be able to offer additional support for anything from hormone balancing, acne, eczema, chronic pain, energy, adrenals, and mental health and the list goes on. These oils have amazing healing properties, and you already have an extensive background in healing practices. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your clients finally see the results they have been searching for for years after using essential oils.

When you become a Young Living Member, the wheel has already been invented, this business plan has been made. If you decide to embark on this journey, you will be on my team & I'll personally be guiding and supporting you while sharing my tried-and-true processes. There’s also a network of thousands of entrepreneurs that share their experiences & support you on your Young Living journey. You have the best of both worlds because while you have your own biz, you can also chat with other members when needed. 

These oils are an incredible compliment to your current practice, and can help fill in the gaps with you and/or your client's health concerns that have otherwise gone unanswered. You’ll gain so much more holistic knowledge that will elevate your health & wellness biz. With this added element, it will set you apart from the rest, helping you help more people. 

Ready to build you empire? or have a few more questions about the process? Email me here :)